Lead Pastor | New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Roch Community Church (pronounced “Saint Rock”) of New Orleans, LA, is seeking a lead Pastor to share in fellowship, worship and ministry in a beautifully diverse congregation and neighborhood. We are a 12-year-old church, led from the beginning by Pastor J.B.Watkins. Pastor Watkins is a prayerful leader, humble teacher, and passionate shepherd to many in the St. Roch neighborhood. In summer 2019, Pastor Watkins and his family will follow the Lord’s call to a new ministry. Therefore, we seek to call a pastor who shares these important characteristics, and who brings with him an authentic love for the Word, a heart to mentor and lead our body, and skill in nurturing the spiritual development of the congregation. The lead pastor will devote a significant amount of time to the pastoral duties of preaching and teaching, sharing those responsibilities with the elders and other guest preachers. The remaining time will be spent mentoring and shepherding congregants; raising up and mentoring leaders; and developing and overseeing ministry teams, such as discipleship groups, diaconal ministry, and evangelistic efforts in the St. Roch community.

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Contact: psc@strochcc.org