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About the Job Board

AAM is no longer accepting job posts.


What is the AAM job board? Expand

The AAM Job Board is a resource tool where ministries and ministry-related organizations can post jobs for the direct hire of African American applicants. It is also a place where potential qualified African American applicants can find ministry (and ministry adjacent) positions.

Why post a job on the AAM Job Board? Expand

Because of AAM’s reach into the community of Black believers, any entity specifically looking to hire an African American may have a better opportunity by posting on our board. This is a unique and specific way that AAM can serve the denomination.

How do I post a job? Expand

Fill out the form below and AAM will review the potential posting and publish it if approved.

How much does it cost to post a job? Expand

The AAM job board is a free resource to all AAM donors.

How do I donate? Expand

Visit aampca.org and click ‘Give’ on the top toolbar.

How long does my job posting stay posted? Expand

Postings stay on the board until AAM is notified that the position is filled or no longer available. Please email jenell@aampca.org to make updates.

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