Job Details

Salary: $55k-$70k

Level: Level

Experience: Experience

Industry: Church

Application Deadline: 05/24/2022

Job Overview

About the Business Administrator:

The Business Administrator serves in support of the Lead Pastor in the administration of the business functions of the church, working closely with the Lead Pastor, Church staff, and Deacon Board. This ministry is the steward of the physical, financial, and personnel resources of the church. The purpose of this position is to ensure that GT Church is kept above reproach in finances accountability and operates with integrity that which God has entrusted us with. In doing so, the mission and vision of the church can be always accomplished.

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The Business Administrator Responsibilities Include:

Personnel Administration

Act as administrative staff liaison between pastoral staff, pastor, and leadership team.

Oversee contracted personnel and special service personnel.

Maintain current job descriptions for all staff members.

Maintain personnel files and time reporting records.

Office Management

Develop and implement an efficient and effective office organization by improving methods and procedures.

Assure adequate inventory of equipment and supplies.

Financial Administration

Perform duties of Financial Administrator.

Assist in identifying budget line-item overages, determining causes, and developing financial policies to assure adherence.

Ensure Sunday morning collection procedures are clear and secure.

Ensure banking operations are managed properly.

Serve as a central purchasing agent for office supplies and equipment. For large purchases, perform price comparisons, secure bids, prepare proposals, and provide recommendations to the Lead Pastor.

Plan and oversee the building and administrative budget accounts, equipment acquisitions, and building/maintenance budgets.

Assist staff in ministry budget preparation and account maintenance.

Oversee annual budget preparation for review and assist in presentations.

Present financial reports at deacon meetings, annual meetings, and when requested by the Lead Pastor.

Develop and oversee the implementation of financial policies, procedures, and reporting.

Perform monthly bank reconciliations.

Prepare monthly financial statements, including adjusting journal entries.

Represent church to establish bank and investment accounts, make investments and withdraw or transfer funds as needed.

Work with the certified public accountant during the annual audit.


Process weekly payroll and any special payrolls.

Review and maintain necessary computer payroll reports.

Maintain individual employee payroll files.

Communicate and administrate various employee benefits packages.

Administer all employee benefit programs.

Distribute W-4s and I-9s.

Review and distribute annual W-2s and 1099s.

General Administration

Supervises the purchase of furniture, computers, and office equipment.

Oversee all church insurance policies, acquisition, and claims reporting.

Work with staff and committee chairpersons to determine equipment needs.

Work with staff, committees, and other lay leadership to establish and implement church policies as directed by the Executive Pastor.

Maintain files of all legal documents of the church.

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