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Salary: TBD

Level: Level

Experience: Experience

Industry: Healthcare

Application Deadline: 05/08/2021

Job Overview

RCS seeks a counselor/therapist with two or more years of experience, who is highly motivated to learn Redeemer Counseling’s unique framework for integration of theology in psychotherapy and apply the framework in practice.

The primary responsibility of this position is to provide counseling sessions for individuals and couples. The qualified candidate must have a strong interest in integration of theology in psychotherapy and be an active member of an evangelical church. Experience with biblical or gospel-centered counseling is preferred.

This role requires experience working with individuals and/or couples, a Master’s degree in a counseling related field, strong case management skills including accurate documentation, correspondence with clients, and collaboration with other care providers. The position offers the flexibility of part-time hours ranging from 10 client sessions per week to as many as 24 client sessions per week with regular individual and group supervision.


  1. Flexible range of 10 – 24 client sessions/week.
  2. Timely documentation of sessions & termination summaries to keep a current list of active clients.
  3. Consult/Collaborate with other therapist/doctors for client care
  4. Case management – return calls, schedule & cancel appts; keep accurate records of attendance and payment; complete insurance letter requests and other case paperwork as required.

Staff Meeting:

  1. Receive support and training in a weekly group supervision
  2. Receive support in regularly scheduled individual supervision
  3. Attend one annual all-staff meeting


  1. This role is expected to pursue training and supervision to fully understand and apply Gospel-Centered Integrative Framework for Therapy (GIFT)
  2. Demonstrate learning and applying of the core values of RCS and care for staff as well as RCS as a ministry
  3. Compliance to best practices of the profession:
    • Keep appropriate documentation including termination summaries in data management software.
    • Active collaboration with the Administrative Team in regard to scheduling, clarification of policies and procedures.
    • Adhere to the code of ethics
    • Return calls of clients within 24 hours
    • Schedule/cancel appointments in timely manner
    • Collaborate with other care providers of clients


location-iconNew York

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