Job Details

Salary: $25k-$34k

Level: Level

Experience: Experience

Industry: Non-Profit/Ministry

Application Deadline: 07/23/2021

Job Overview

First and foremost, this internship is about you. We’re truly excited to welcome you to a year with us, because we believe this will be a transformative year of life, no matter your future plans! You will be engaged in intensive discipleship in the urban context, and we believe you will grow deeply here. We don’t want interns to come assuming they have a lot to give our students. We want interns to come ready to receive, ready to be discipled…and out of what they receive, be able to disciple our students.

Interns will primarily do two things:

  1. Be Discipled
    1. Interns will engage in weekly Bible studies, prayer times, and one-on-one discipleship with our CrossTown 119 Director.
    2. Interns will be given assessments to help them learn who God made them to be: strengths, leadership styles, etc.
    3. Interns will engage in personal daily common rhythms (e.g. Bible reading and prayer)
    4. Interns will be assigned reading to help them better understand ministering in our context.
  2. Disciple Others
    1. Interns will serve our CrossTown 119 Director in executing the strategy to disciple students in our After School Program and Summer Camp. This will comprise approximately 20-25 hours/week.
      1. Supervision of a small group of students (5-7) assigned to you by the Director.
      2. Being present with the students. We are not babysitting, we are discipling. You will get to know the kids (strengths, weaknesses, etc), assist in discipling them, and celebrate their growth with us.
      3. Lead activities (games, biblical character building, arts & crafts). This may include teaching.
      4. Assist with the daily cleaning of the facility.
      5. Attendance at staff meetings
      6. Learn and carry out the gospel-centered culture of CrossTown 119
    2. Interns may serve in other capacities in CrossTown Ministries (e.g. our job training program), but details are TBD.



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