Job Details

Salary: TBD

Level: Level

Experience: Experience

Industry: Church

Application Deadline: 04/15/2021

Job Overview

Mosaic Community Church is seeking an African American Kids and Youth Ministry Director with a heart for urban youth outreach and cross-cultural ministry. The Mosaic Youth Ministry Director will work with the youth leaders of Mosaic to minister to our community youth, further develop and refine the ministry, and develop and extend relationships with community youth. The Director will help us continue outreach and, through the gospel and discipleship that is highly relationship-focused, help instill in the youth a love for God and love for Jeannette (the church is located in downtown Jeannette), with the goal of raising up the next generation of church and community leaders who are on a mission for Jesus. The Director will also help us to develop and maintain a social media presence, facilitate communication among leaders and the community, and provide other administrative assistance. He or she will also be encouraged to bring his/her own personal experience, opinions, and guidance as it relates to the challenges of cross-cultural ministry and relationships, with the goal of helping Mosaic better reach its vision.



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