Job Details

Salary: $71k-$90k

Level: Level

Experience: Experience

Industry: Human Resources

Application Deadline: 12/13/2021

Job Overview

Meet World Overcomers Christian Church:

World Overcomers Christian Church is a God-led organization founded in 2003 whose goal is to help people find and build a relationship with God as well as lead a life based on faith and balance. We are a multicultural church with a very strong sense of community and fellowship. The founders of this church, Andy and LaShawn Thompson work together to create a practical and interactive way to tap into one’s faith so that they may navigate their lives according to scriptural principles whether it is through ministry, business advisory, or social commentary. World Overcomers Christian Church strongly believes in servitude, using ample resources to help and build communities around us. At this church, anyone will find themselves welcomed into a warm and lively program that strives to change lives for the better.

About the Executive Director, Office of the Senior Pastor:

The Executive Director will be responsible for the development process of the Senior Pastors Ministry and Business office, as well as assistance to their supervisors, the Senior Pastor, and First Lady. The Executive Director must be an ambitious, goal-oriented person who is always thinking about ways to improve and should be able to properly present and articulate ideas and suggestions. This person must also have the vision to bring these new suggestions from conception to fruition. Daily, the Executive Director will complete tasks and assignments as designated by supervisors. This particular person must be willing to complete said tasks with excellence so that the Senior Pastors Office operates efficiently and smoothly.

The Executive Director, Office of the Senior Pastor Will:

Business Development | As Executive Director, one must be proactive in finding ways to elevate the public role and reach of the Senior Pastor. They will continuously research new ideas and present them to the Senior Pastor. If their ideas are approved, they will also work with different teams to execute them.

Communications | Ability to consistently disseminate information effectively and efficiently daily. Precisely connect lines of communication for timely and effective results. Efficiently handle all communication to the Senior Pastor’s office.

Daily Tasks | The Executive Director will hear from the Senior Pastor frequently and must be available to respond at all times, especially when the Senior Pastor is traveling. The success of this position depends upon how quickly and efficiently the Executive Director can complete tasks and assignments as given.

General Expectations | This person will need to be proactive and be prepared to hear from him especially during key times, weekends, etc. This person will offer assistance and resources and bring order to the processes and systems of the Senior Pastor’s office. They will ensure and execute the completion of all tasks and projects assigned by the Senior Pastor, as well as thinking ahead and anticipating his needs.

What You Bring:

Education & Experience

Bachelor in Business Administration, Publications, or Business Marketing required.

A Master’s Degree in Business Administration or related field preferred.

A Master’s degree can be substituted for suitable experience.

5 years of business development, project management, and executive directing experience are required.

Personal Characteristics

Strong communication skills.

Excellent attention to detail and follow-through.

Energetic with a good attitude.

Passionate about what they can do for the advancement of the public role and reach of the Senior Pastor.

Confident in their own abilities and decisions.

Forward-thinker with the consistent ability to take any program to the next level.

Strong public relations skills.

Ability to travel.

In good physical, mental, spiritual health.

Tough skinned and resilient.

Ability to lead different team members in different ways.

What it’s Like to Live in Durham, North Carolina:

Durham is a dense suburban city in North Carolina consisting of a population of about 270,000. The Durham community is one of the most culturally diverse areas in North Carolina, offering many various dining and entertainment experiences for all to enjoy. The city is perfect for families as well as young professionals, many people are moving to the area to take advantage of access to higher education, affordable real estate, and many family amenities. Durham is situated between the beach and the mountains, with each being just a couple of hours away. For those who enjoy the urban feel, downtown nightlife and restaurants will not disappoint. There are many urban trails for jogging and biking. For those who enjoy the countryside relaxation, within the outskirts are many parks and landscapes. Durham is also home to nationally ranked college and professional sports such as Duke, UNC, and Durham Bulls Baseball. Because of the great cultural diversity of this community, anyone and everyone is welcome and is guaranteed to find their fun.



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