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Salary: $90k+

Level: Level

Experience: Experience

Industry: Church

Application Deadline: 12/30/2021

Job Overview

About the Executive Pastor:

The role of the Executive Pastor is to assist the Senior Pastor and Elders in overseeing the organization, leadership, staff, and overall direction of New Community Bible Fellowship. He is responsible for executing the vision of the Senior Pastor through 1) Strategic leadership and planning, 2) Staff supervision and development, 3) Organization and systems development, 4) Preaching and Teaching, 5) Facility/Property Expansion. As with all senior-level staff, the Executive Pastor also carries the role of supporting and serving the Senior Pastor as needed in providing general leadership, ministry, care, and oversight for ministry leaders, members, and pre-members of New Community Bible Fellowship.


The Executive Pastor Will Achieve:

Strategic Leadership and Planning

Execute the Senior Pastor’s vision for key church events as well as city-wide events.

Participate in planning meetings, conduct/oversee meetings on behalf of the Senior Pastor, oversee specific groups or duties related to an event, follow up with various departments, leaders, and assignments.

Coordinate and, as needed, lead various staff meetings and other activities designed to communicate and execute NCBF’s goals and objectives including staff development and accountability.

Monitor the pulse of the staff, congregation, and key leaders on various levels through research, data gathering, and evaluation.

Provide assessment and recommendations to the Senior Pastor for further development of church ministries and events.

In conjunction with the Executive Team, assist the Senior Pastor with issues of community relations.

Staff Development and Supervision

Meet weekly with direct reports to ensure NCBF’s vision is being executed, staff morale is high, and membership is experiencing extraordinary care, and engage with other staff to ensure they are being heard and are healthy in the execution of their duties.

Assist the Senior Pastor in the development of all activities (retreats, training, etc.) in order to help all church staff members, officers, and key leaders reach their full potential in Christ and in ministry leadership.

Develop and implement individual growth plans for direct reports and in turn, ensure that your direct reports develop individual growth plans for their direct reports (keeping the Senior Pastor updated).

Provide daily oversight, motivation, accountability, and assessment of direct reports schedules and activities to ensure each direct report is utilizing ministry work time to its maximum productivity.

Directly supervise assigned staff, which includes conducting performance evaluations and providing year-round supervision and performance feedback.

Collaborate with the Senior Pastor and other executives in interviewing, hiring, and dismissing staff.

Organization and Systems Development

Assess and develop, along with the Senior Pastor and other executives, the ideal organizational structure of the church.

Assist the Senior Pastor and executive team with strategic planning and goal setting for the purpose of creating a climate of ministry excellence and ongoing growth.

Work in session with the Senior Pastor, Elders, and other Executive Staff in the development of and adherence to church policies and procedures.

Collaborate with the Senior Pastor in developing and implementing additional ministries, businesses, and other ventures of New Community Bible Fellowship.

In conjunction with the Executive Director of Finance and Operations, conduct research and assessments of various components of the organization for the purpose of cost efficiency and optimization of systems.

Collaborate with the Senior Pastor in regular reviews of the organization and ministry systems for improvement and church growth.

Preaching and Teaching Responsibilities

As assigned by the Senior Pastor, preach up to three services on Sundays up to 8 times per year.

Be open to receiving feedback on preaching style, content, delivery, and other preaching elements as deemed appropriate from the Senior Pastor.

Participate in sermon training and even train others as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Participate in additional services at New Community Bible Fellowship (Prayer and Praise, Funerals, Baptisms, Baby Dedications, etc.), as assigned by the Senior Pastor which may include preaching or teaching.

Teach/train in other venues like small group conferences and Kingdom Impact Meetings (volunteer meetings) as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Facility/Property Expansion

Provide oversight to facility expansion, property searches, renovations, repairs, and/or campus development, as well as updating the five-year expansion plan.

In conjunction with the Senior Pastor, be a primary leader and voice along with the EDFO for capital campaigns and campaign management.

Collaborate with the Senior Pastor, Elders, and other key executives in researching and purchasing church properties or facilities.

Through Direct Reports, ensure that operational elements of Sunday morning and all other services are well-staffed by volunteers, leaders, and staff for all functions of the church.

Continually assess ways to operate more efficiently with existing properties maximizing the use of all areas of the campus.


location-iconCleveland Heights, OH

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