Job Details

Salary: $35k-$44k

Level: Level

Experience: Experience

Industry: Church

Application Deadline: 05/23/2022

Job Overview

The Pastoral Resident will work full time which includes the following structure
1 &2 can be concurrent, or either or
ex: “A resident could focus on their academics without their internship; Do both; or if they have completed seminary they will focus on the internship requirements.”

1. Academic Education Pastoral Residents will complete educational requirements of their particular academic institution(Covenant Seminary; RTS, KRS, Meachum School of Haymanot, LAMP) (15-20 hours per week)

2. Completion of Denominational Internship Requirements Toward Credentials for Pastoral Ministry Each resident will be required to complete the internship requirements given by our Presbytery or their respective denomination’s internship requirements. If their internship is with another denomination, then they must get a copy of those requirements from that denomination. Those requirements will be verified and approved by the residency director/Senior pastor. We reserve the right to add to those requirements so residents get a full experience pastoral ministry or we may add to maintain compliance with the Made to Flourish residency program. (15-20 hours per week)

3. Participation on Ministry Team in the Church and Participation in RSL ministry
Residents will participate/lead in at least one ministry team in our church. They will need to attend all of the respective ministry team’s meetings. In addition, Pastoral Residents will learn about and regularly participate in at least one of the RSL ministries in the West End community during their residency. Residents will connect with the ministry of their choice. They should connect with their desired RSL ministry to talk about their participation. (5-10 hours per week)

4.Maintain a Pastoral presence in congregation (95% of pastoring is being there)
Residents will be required to ·Nurture Pastoral Health by attending Pastoral Cohort(◦Pastoral Residents will participate in a NXTGEN cohort together with local interns from other city churches. This program focuses on “Soft Skills” in ministry: Self-Care, Spiritual Formation ,Leadership and Management, Marriage and Family, Emotional Intelligence, and Cultural Intelligence·)
Attend all New City Fellowship West End Organizational Meetings
Attend all New City Fellowship West End Congregational Meetings
Attend* all Sunday Worship Services
Regular preparation and leading of elements of Sunday Worship
Regularly attending/leading a house church / any activity that regularly connects with congregants on pastoral level
Attend NCF Staff prayer at least 1 time per month
(6-8 hours per week)


location-iconSaint Louis

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