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Salary: $90k+

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Experience: Experience

Industry: Human Resources

Application Deadline: 11/30/2021

Job Overview

As an ad hoc member of our Senior Cabinet (Executive Leadership Team), the Senior Director, Human Resources will create and implement programs, policies, and procedures aimed at creating a rewarding and fulfilling staff member experience. The Senior Director, Human Resources will manage hiring, compensation, staff recognition, professional development, performance management and employee relations in a manner that retains staff members, enhances staff effectiveness, and builds RCTC’s brand. The Senior Director, Human Resources is tasked with ensuring that our organization culture welcomes and includes a diverse population and supports each person in achieving career goals within the organization. The position works strategically alongside department Vice Presidents, as well as RCTC’s supervisors.


Talent Acquisition
● Work with the rest of the Senior Cabinet to define and implement a talent acquisition strategy and goals
● Develop creative strategies to attract and engage new and diverse talent, and strategies to ensure that high-caliber candidates choose to join our team
● Manage the full life-cycle recruitment process for multiple open positions in various locations including developing job descriptions, posting positions, sourcing prospective candidates to ensure a diverse applicant pool, screening and interviewing candidates, negotiating compensation packages, and writing offer letters
● Develop and maintain an applicant tracking system, to ensure an adequate pipeline of candidates to fuel the organization’s growth
● Proactively establish relationships with strategic partners to gain access to local diverse talent
● Keep job descriptions up-to-date, accurate and compliant with relevant federal, state and local laws for all positions
● In conjunction with each VP/Director, develop and implement a staffing plan with a forecast for each department

Employee Engagement
● Develop, monitor, and promote strategies that increase team member satisfaction and performance, including but not limited to diversity, equity, and inclusion and staff wellness programs
● Determine how to maintain and evolve a high-engagement culture as the organization continues to work from a “remote first” platform

Talent Development
● Work with the Senior Cabinet to define and implement talent development strategy and goals
● Lead learning and development initiatives by implementing and evaluating programs, providing internal consultation, and utilizing data to demonstrate outcomes; ensure the programs meet the needs of both rising and senior talent
● Work with Senior Cabinet to develop and maintain a training catalog for employee development at all levels
● Maintain and enhance an engaging new hire onboarding system that feeds into training objectives throughout the career cycle of the employee

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
● In collaboration with the Senior Cabinet, continue to create an organizational culture that values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion
● Implement recruiting strategy to hire and retain a diverse workforce
● Demonstrate a commitment to valuing diversity and contributing to an inclusive working and learning environment.
● Provide leadership and guidance to the DEI consultant

Measurement and Rewards
● Implement, promote, and manage compensation and benefit programs in compliance with federal and state laws
● Oversee employee benefits program, including open enrollment, and benchmark benefits program periodically and recommend improvements
● Develop a professional development and performance management program that ensures all employees are familiar with their job responsibilities and how their performance meets expectations
● Create and update compensation strategy through market analysis and pay surveys
● Collaborate with outsourced HR and payroll services to ensure payroll and benefit information in the HRIS system is accurate and any changes and updates are made in a timely manner
● Respond to employee inquiries regarding benefits
● Engage with outsourced HR on benefit changes

Employee Relations
● Work with managers to coach and counsel employees effectively with regard to performance improvement
● Handle terminations and investigation and resolution of employee issues, concerns, and conflicts

Human Resources Strategic Partner
● Serve as trusted advisor for leaders and employees on human resource matters; communicate regularly and effectively with employees regarding HR-related matters and establish credibility as an effective listener and problem solver
● Identify and address strategies to mitigate potential HR risks
● Collaborate with Finance on personnel and benefits budgeting and communicate changes in personnel status, salaries, and benefits
● Plan and budget for IT purchases and upgrades
● Ensure HR Systems (HRIS) are meeting our needs, data is secure and accurate, and analyze system needs and benchmarks against other systems
● Develop, revise, and interpret HR policies and procedures; review and update employee manual as needed
● Research and advise on labor law for multiple states and at the federal level
● Prepare documents and maintain records for personnel transactions including hiring, promotions, raises, employee issues and conflicts, and terminations


location-iconNew York

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