Karen Ellis: An Ecclesiastical Journey

Karen Ellis

Karen Ellis is the director of the Edmiston Center of the Study of the Bible and Ethnicity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. She also serves as the Robert Cannada Fellow for World Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary.   Karen was born and raised in Baltimore. Her parents helped to integrate Northwest Baltimore, and…

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Reuben and Golda Amlalo: From Ghana to the PCA

Reuben and Golda Amlalo smiling in a boat on the water

Reuben and Golda Amlalo are a Ghanaian couple currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland, where Reuben serves at Faith Christian Fellowship. The couple is from Accra, Ghana, where they lived until they were 14 and 15 years old, respectively. Golda is a speech language pathologist who graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where…

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Justin Jordan: Thriving in the PCA

Justin Jordan

Justin Jordan, a Black Eagle Scout born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, jokes that, as a child, he was “one of them drug babies. My mom drug me to church.” Whether he wanted to be there or not, every Sunday he was at Sunday school, the first or the 11 o’clock service and serving…

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Kari Thomas: On Community in the Church

kari thomas

To those from outside Mississippi, Kari Thomas claims Jackson as her hometown. But to those in the know, she hails from Pearl, a town she calls “one of the cooler suburbs in the area.” Thomas is a member of Redeemer Church, PCA, in Jackson, Mississippi, is manager at Chipper and Coco, a pet store in…

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Jason Francoeur: Howard University’s First RUF Intern

Jason Francoeur and his family relocated to Florida from Kenscoff, Haiti, and Jason is proud of his roots. Despite his age, he already has a breadth and depth of experience serving in the church — from preaching and teaching Sunday school, to choir directing and managing communications. After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University he…

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Charles Lewis: Associate Pastor of Northside Church

Between the Pew, a podcast produced by the African American Ministries (AAM), sat down with PCA teaching elder father/son duo Lance and Charles Lewis. Charles Lewis is the new associate pastor of Northside Church in Richmond, Virginia. While it might seem like having a father in ministry would have led Charles naturally to follow his…

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Lance Lewis: A Black Pastor’s Reflections on the Presbyterian Church in America

Lance Lewis speaking

Between the Pew, a podcast produced by the African American Ministries (AAM), recently got to speak with father/son duo Lance and Charles Lewis. Lance Lewis is pastor of New City Sacramento Church where he proclaims Christ, pursues justice, and promotes redemptive ethnic unity.  Lance’s Background Lance Lewis is a child of West Philadelphia. His earliest…

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