About Between the Pew

If you’re black in the Presbyterian Church in America there is a good chance you are one of the few if not the only, black person in your congregation. Has knowing that there are so few of us in the PCA ever made you wonder how black people got here in the first place? What makes black people enter a sacred space knowing we will be the minority? What makes us leave the comfort of our black church experience? What makes us stay in the PCA?
Remember those times after church on some Sundays after most everyone had gone, sitting on a couple of pews turned around facing each other, laughing, sharing your testimony of triumph and struggle and talking to each other about life? Asking each other questions that you never get to ask and hearing each other’s stories?
This podcast is a chance to get to do just that in the same way many of us grew up doing and maybe even still do.
A chance to hear stories of how we came into the PCA, and maybe even hearing our own story in someone else’s. Join us each week as we get to know black people in the PCA all across the country and discover their origin story. Welcome to Between the Pew.


For years, (Irwyn) Ince felt like an orphan in the PCA. One seminary professor asked the class why there were specific African American denominations for Methodists, Pentecostals, and Baptists, but not Presbyterians. The question felt more earnest than rhetorical, and Ince felt like it was directed at him.

African American PCA Teaching Elders

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