Support African Americans in the PCA

Investing in African American Ministries provides the resources and support necessary to increase African American congregants in the PCA.

Only 6% of congregants in the PCA are African American.

We believe the PCA has so much potential to reflect the Kingdom of God better and become a richer community of believers.

African Americans have joined the PCA in several ways, including through relationships with churches and seminaries. The denomination has grown in its number of African American congregants as a direct result of AAM’s initiatives, such as our podcast,Between The Pew, Virtual Groups, and LDR. We plan to expand and continue those initiatives and create new ones by partnering with RUF on HBCU campuses to introduce Black college students to the PCA.

Through this and other new initiatives, we hope to see the pews of our churches better reflect the body of Christ.

This goal must be an intentional effort, and AAM is ready to help make it happen.

Here are a few ways increased support will help us recruit Black people to the PCA:

RUF Partnership

AAM is partnering with Reformed University Fellowship Campus Ministers at Historically Black Colleges & Universities to introduce more African American students to the PCA

LDR Weekend

LDR has already brought several Black congregants into the PCA. We plan to intentionally use this recruitment opportunity by inviting reformed and PCA-adjacent African American Christians to each LDR Weekend.

Virtual Groups

We plan to use virtual groups to recruit more African Americans into the PCA. We will a regular Zoom meeting for Black individuals who are curious about the PCA – and interested in getting to know the community!

How You Can Help


Pray for AAM as we seek to serve the Lord through recruiting,supporting, and mobilizing African Americans in the PCA.


Give a one-time or monthly gift to support AAM we minister to African Americans in the PCA.